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Liz Pulver

New, York


Liz Pulver Design delivers a cheery does of green to you and your spaces!

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landscape architecture portfolio


530 Park Avenue Courtyard

RFR Realty assembled a unique design team to transform a rental building into luxury condominiums in New York City’s upper east side. This project’s courtyard, with reflecting pool, is the centerpiece of the garden, providing desirable views and a private outdoor space for residents.

Client: RFR Realty
Installed by: Town & Gardens, Ltd.
Architect: Handel Architects, LLP
Interior Architect: William T. Georgis Architect


Room to breathe in brooklyn

A Brooklyn family dreamt of a lush, green garden to come home to, an escape from life in the city. A cozy backyard garden and a greenroof just outside the baby's bedroom, brings nature inside the home. Birds and bugs flit and fly outside the windows. Mexican feather grass sways in the breeze. things feel calmer and quieter. the sounds of the city are muffled.

Client: Private
Installed by: Town & Gardens, Ltd.
Architect: Kevin Dakan Architect

Photographer: Oresti Tsonopoulos


Contemporary in the upper east

An extensive renovation transformed this historic Manhattan townhouse both inside and out. In the rear, a new staircase connects the house to the rear garden, maximizing the space for social events. A new outdoor grilling area was also added. Terraces and balconies extend off the rear building facade as well, incorporating  evergreen plantings for year round green.

Client: Private
Installed by: MRS Incorporated and New York Greenroofs
Architect: Michael Muroff Architect


West Village sunshine

This open terrace in Manhattan, was customized to meet the client’s needs. New zinc planters flank the stairs and disguise unsightly parapets. The terrace is filled with lush plantings and a new pergola was added, with approvals procured from the Landmarks Preservation Committee.

Client: Private Residence
Landscape: Town & Gardens, Ltd.
Interior Architect: William T. Georgis Architect



An L-shaped terrace in Manhattan, was redefined for relaxing and socializing, with ample seating and a miniature greenroof as a conversation piece.

Client: Private
Installed by: Town & Gardens, Ltd.


The Jefferson, East Village Condominiums

The developers of this LEED Gold Building in Manhattan, incorporated lush outdoor plantings at every opportunity- from private gardens at ground level, to greenroofs on terraces and rooftops. The front of the building was further enhanced with customized planters, lit at night.

Client: Ironstate Development, CB Developers & SK Development
Landscape Contractor: Town & Gardens, Ltd.
Architect: BKSK Architects, LLP


Dalton School Rainlab

A tiny rooftop at an urban elementary school in New York City, was transformed into an outdoor science classroom, incorporating environmental science lessons into the K-3 curriculum. The Rainlab wall sculpture is a kid friendly rain storage device. Collected rainwater is used by students to power valves, paddlewheels and pails, to track weather patterns, temperatures and rain events.

Client: The Dalton School
Installed by: Town & Gardens, Ltd.
Architect: 1100 Architect
Construction Management: RC Dolner LLC





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